External Authentication with Social Media Sites

Last Update: Jan 12, 2024

This addon is 100% hooks based requiring no source edits to install.

Works with ElkArte: 1.1


Allows your users to connect with one click to your ElkArte Forum using their social network accounts.

Supports social networks: Twitter, Google, Yahoo, GitHub, Amazon, Facebook, LinkedIn


The settings for the addon are under Admin -> Members -> Registration -> OAuth Providers

Each social network will require that you create an external application linking your Web site to their api. These external OAuth applications ensure that users are logging into the correct Web site and allows it to send the user back to the correct Web site after successfully authenticating.

The link to setup your OAuth accounts for these sites is provided in the Admin Panel along with general steps of what to do for each API. Most important will be the Redirect URIs which is provided in the help for each.


  • Allows a single ElkArte user profile to be connected to multiple social provider accounts
  • Follows Elkarte’s registration workflow but streamlined with provider authorization.
  • Attempt to fetch some profile information from the social site during registartion (avatar, gender, website, etc) access depends on each social site.
  • Allows users to authorize / deauthorize providers in their account settings (Modify Profile -> Connected Accounts)
  • Allows admin to selectively enable / disable providers
  • Allows for one button login to connected accounts


Download a package by URL

  • Download a package by URL is a quick way to download a package from the web to your forum. Using (Package Manager -> Download Package) enter the below link under the “Download a package by url” field and select Download. This will save the package to your server where you can install it.

Upload a Package

  • Alternatively, download the package using the below link and then using (Package Manager -> Upload Package) browse to where you saved the package on your computer and upload it to the server. You may also FTP the downloaded file directly to your packages directory.


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