Censored Word List

Last Update: Nov 25, 2017

This addon is 100% hooks based requiring no source edits to install.

Works with ElkArte: 1.0-1.1


You want to run a friendly community, without any f#^ing bad words appearing. The easiest way to prevent that is to use ElkArte’s word censor feature, but you really don’t want to spend a bunch of time filling in words that some a##h03$ may know and then some.

That’s where this delightful list of profanity will give you a head start by adding censored words to your forum. Now lets be honest here, there are more ways to curse then there are ways to speak, so this list just gives you a head start on your profanity lesson. Its not going to stop users from sticking their long-necked Giraffe up your fluffy white bunny.


  • Well there are none really, it just adds a list of profanity to your word censor so all those little %^&D#head’s can’t as easily mess up your forum.


Download a package by URL

  • Download a package by URL is a quick way to download a package from the web to your forum. Using (Package Manager -> Download Package) enter the below link under the “Download a package by url” field and select Download. This will save the package to your server where you can install it.

Upload a Package

  • Alternatively, download the package using the below link and then using (Package Manager -> Upload Package) browse to where you saved the package on your computer and upload it to the server. You may also FTP the downloaded file directly to your packages directory.


This ElkArte Addon is subject to the terms of the he WTF General Public License, version 1.0 (WTF-1.0) (the “License”). You can obtain a copy of the License at http://www.wtfpl.net/txt/copying/